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Peggy & Grace will be presented at the Hudson Village Theatre in Hudson QC from August 7 to 25, 2013.


Peggy & Grace has proven to be a box office success:

Lighthouse Festival Theatre, Port Dover, ON     87% tickets sold

Victoria Playhouse, Petrolia, ON                         84%

Thousand Islands Theatre, Gananoque, ON      82%
Sunshine Theatre, Kelowna, BC                         78%
Ship’s Company Theatre, Parrsboro, NS

Praise for Peggy & Grace:
“Peggy & Grace is well worth seeing for its warmth, its wit, its humour and its pointed understanding of the two sides of all of our natures...”
The Express, Kingston


“Peggy & Grace is comedy set in the best ‘Odd Couples’ tradition, this time with two female leads.”
Parrsboro Record


“Peggy & Grace’s excellent adventure...plenty of chuckles, sight gags, local references and thoughtful moments.”
The Observer, Petrolia


‘...the  Canadian play is an intelligent – and amusing – look at awakening in the golden years. Glib but grasping, it probes a theme seldom touched in the world of theatre...Peggy & Grace speaks to everyone.”
Brockville Recorder & Times

“What makes this play so successful is the consistent and thorough character development in both Peggy and Grace....The filled with light humour based on everyday problems seniors face, ranging from a fear of death and dealing with past mistakes, to sexuality and bladder control.”
The Daily Courier, Kelowna


Having Words

What happens when an illiterate young man opts for reading lessons from a middle-aged teacher who uses words to keep people at bay?

Having Words  is a two-act, two character play that deals with the pain and struggle of adult illiteracy with warmth, humour and understanding.

The play has had workshops at the Playwright’s Workshop of Montreal and the Thousand Island Playhouse in Gananoque. Despite its strong language, it is an entertaining vehicle for studying and discussing the issue of adult illiteracy, which affects 20 percent of Canadians.


The Cottage

What is more iconic in Canada than the country cabin in the woods? The Cottage takes place at intermittent times between 1970 and 2000.

Set in the Laurentian mountains north of Montreal, this two-act, two character play follows Robin and André, one English, one French, over a 30 year period as their relationship, the cottage and Quebec itself develop and change.

Reading copies of all three plays are available at for $20 each.

Take a fun trip with Peggy & Grace, two of the most endearing characters found on any stage.

Both are 70ish widows, who’ve lived next door to each other for decades. They take to the road in a Winnebago, wanting to pursue their dreams and make up for lost time.

But as they travel around America, they discover that isn’t so easy, especially when a young hitchhiker joins up with them. And the past has a way of infecting the future.

Since its debut in 1990, Peggy & Grace has had close to 20 professional productions across the country, from Parrsboro, Nova Scotia to Kelowna, BC, including a tour of Ontario. The two-act, three character play runs 90 minutes.

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