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Business Writing, Editing and Research

Bonnie Laing is a disciplined freelance writer, researcher, editor and consultant, with extensive experience in writing for all media and a unique understanding of communications strategy.

She has written and edited materials for a broad range of public and private sector clients, including:

  Web site materials
  Educational materials
  TV, radio and newspaper ads
  PowerPoint presentations

Bonnie has a particular expertise in the area of social marketing, including health promotion, fitness, Indigenous rights, the environment and nutrition.

She is a proponent of Clear Language, specializing in the ‘translation’ of complex text, ideas and studies into language that is more accessible to a wider audience.

Her background in marketing gives her a distinct advantage in developing, understanding and working on communications strategy.

Among her recent achievements is the fact that for eight years, she wrote and edited Amnesty International Canada’s member newsletter, Activist.

She was also one of two writers for It’s Your Health, Health Canada’s premier consumer publication, researching and writing more than 100 articles on health issues.

She has recently completed a series of reports for the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Bonnie’s clients include:

Health Canada   

Amnesty International Canada
Public Health Agency of Canada

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
World Vision Canada  

Contact Centre Canada
World Conservation Union 

Fisheries Canada
Ontario Ministry of Health 

Osteoporosis Canada
Dairy Farmers of Ontario 

Educational Connections

References and work samples are available on request. Contact Bonnie at:

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